The five best takes on W., four videos on Oliver Stone, and one interview

I've been playing catch-up with myself after an extremely busy September and October, which lead to a noticeable absence in blog posts.  But some of you may have noticed last week the video essays on the films of Oliver Stone for the Moving Image Source, produced by me and Matt Zoller Seitz. This was the most ambitious video project that Matt or I have yet attempted, and we're very proud of the results. To break it down and make the project manageable, Matt and I split duties taking the lead on each video:

- Born on the Fourth of July (MZS) - JFK (KBL) - Nixon (MZS) - Alexander (KBL)

The videos were prompted in anticipation of W, which was released this past weekend (though was no match for the latest live action video game and the little doggie movie that won't die). Disappointing box office was likely due largely to uniformly mixed reviews, though most of these reviews, as can be gleaned over at trusty GreenCine Daily, are rather predictable and superficial takes on what I consider to be Stone's most interesting and engaging film in years.  I issued my own review of W as an epilogue to the Stone video series on the Moving Image Source.  Though it was buried by the site editors at the bottom of the Alexander entry, I humbly offer that it's one of the most thoughtful things you can read about the film (I don't usually make such presumptions about my work but this time, in the wake of what else can be read about the film, I feel pretty comfortable with my assertion).  I will also highlight four other reviews, two pro and two con, that I think are the best takes on the film:

Nicolas Rapold, The L Magazine

James Rocchi, Cinematical

Nick Schager, Slant

Dana Stevens, Slate

Lastly, a pretty good interview with Stone by Scott Foundas for the L.A. Weekly