Video Essays for La roue (1922, Abel Gance) and Variety (1925, E.A. Dupont) featuring commentary by Kristin Thompson

For the first video essays I've published since the YouTube fiasco, I am honored to have Kristin Thompson as guest commentator. Not only is she the author of The Frodo Franchise and co-author with David Bordwell of those ubiquitous textbooks Film Art: An Introduction and Film History: An Introduction, she is also author of the first report on the fair use of film frames, sponsored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Read her invaluable article on the use of film frames in scholarship. These videos are published in conjunction with Kristin's illustrated entry on La roue, which can be found on her and David's blog.

SCHOLARS AND STUDENTS: If referencing these videos for scholarship, please cite as "Kristin Thompson and Kevin B. Lee. Shooting Down Pictures video essay on Abel Gance's La roue / E.A. Dupont's Variety." and attach either the url for this page or the YouTube links.

La roue (view original entry and webliography)

Variety (view original entry and webliography)