Harold Pinter, RIP

One of my favorite courses in college was on Beckett and Pinter. I actually enjoyed Pinter's plays more than Beckett's - at least they infiltrated my experience of life, as I started to read volumes into the intonations, rhythms and word selection in everyday conversations (not the wisest thing to do in college, when most people are still struggling to be articulate). So the news of Pinter's death is a great loss.  I'm glad he was recognized by the Nobel folks just a few years ago - it's hard to think of another playwright whose understanding of language - its predilections towards politics and power, its unplanned prevarications towards the past - applies not just to his own native tongue, but to everyone's. As a tribute, here's the video essay I did with Dan Callahan earlier this year on The Go-Between. Look at 1:15 for a quintessentially Pinterian moment: