Viewing Log, May 30-July 10 2011

letthebulletsfly Fell down hard with these updates, due to a combination of intensive editorial work for David Holzman's Diary's digital premiere on Fandor, followed by two weeks' vacation in China. I'm going by memory so there may be some films I saw that I forgot:

* denotes highlight

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011, Mark Waters) reviewed for Time Out Horse Thief (1987, Tian Zhaungzhuang) Seven Years in Tibet (1997, Jean-Jacques Annaud) Kundun (1997, Martin Scorsese) * Pathway (2011, Xu Xin) China Gate (2010, Wang Yang) One Day in May (2011, Ma Zhandong) 798 Station (2011, Zheng Kuo) Beautiful Darling (2010, James Rasin) reviewed for Time Out * Let the Bullets Fly (2010, Jiang Wen) Sleep Furiously (2008, Gideon Koppel)