Introducing the Weekly Viewing Log

magic-lantern This old abandoned site's got life in it yet. This past week I received an email inquiring about advertising on this site, and also noticed that a spammy botsite sucked up the entirety of my last entry. Also Chris Chang, in his Film Comment review of Disorder, a film distributed by my company dGenerate Films, referred to me as a blogger, even though I've been working professionally as a print film critic for two years and now write and edit film articles for Fandor's Keyframe. Once a blogger, always a blogger.

So I'm thinking of coming back to Shooting Down Pictures (a name which, by the way, I'm not fond of - what was I thinking when I came up with that?) and reviving it by going back to how the site started before it was even called Shooting - a weekly digest of what I've been watching. One caveat is that I'm including not just movies but pretty much any media experience involving a screen, including web videos, TV broadcasts, etc. I'm taking a cue from Karina Longworth's tumblr and embracing the post-cinematic world we are now living in.

Dedicated to all my old friends from the good old days at IMDb Classic Film Boards.

Week of April 4-10, 2011

- Michael Jackson's 1983 performance of "Billie Jean" at the Motown 25 special, on YouTube

- "Sensualizing the Visual" - five film series of 1960s films by Bruce Baillie and Gunnar Nelson. Standouts: "To Parsifal" and "Quixote. " At DocFilms, Chicago.

- 5 minutes of second half of NCAA Men's Basketball finals, on

- Old Joy (dir. Kelly Reichardt) on Fandor

- In a Better World (dir. Susanne Bier) - reviewed for this week's Time Out Chicago

- 20 clips of The Tree of Life (dir. Terrence Malick) at

- "Multi-Media Victorian: The Magic Lantern, The Metropolis and the Extraordinary Ballads of George R. Sims" - turn of the 20th century pre-cinema magic lantern show of vintage English slides, presented by David Francis and Joss Marsh. At University of Chicago Film Studies Center.

- Last five holes of Saturday coverage of The Masters on

- First 20 minutes of Life and Nothing But (dir. Bertrand Tavernier) on Fandor

- Last five holes of Sunday coverage of The Masters on

- Opening credits sequences of six Chinese films in preparation for video essay for the Moving Image Source: City of Life and Death; Disorder; Oxhide 2; Single Man; Thomas Mao and Winter Vacation, on DVD and Quicktime