Best of the Decade Derby: Now on Twitter

I haven't had much time to pursue the Best of the Decade Derby in the latter half of this year, but it would only be right to give it some kind of closure. So this week I made some time to sort through a long list of films from the past 10 years, and compiled a list of top 50 films of the decade. (One proviso: there were so many good films that I wanted to include, that I decided to restrict the list to one entry per director.) I'll post the list before the end of the month on this site - but for now I'm counting them down on my Twitter feed. You can follow @alsolikelife.

For now, here's a list of films that I had planned to do Best of Decade derby entries on with friends and colleagues. We'll just have to reflect on what they might have been like...

Battle in Heaven Before Sunset The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Fat Girl Kings and Queen Punch Drunk Love Regular Lovers Syndromes and a Century There Will Be Blood Two Lovers The Wayward Cloud The Wire -  I would have done a roundtable podcast pondering whether it deserved inclusion among the best films of the decade (there are some critics I know who think so)