"These Movies Kick Ass": My Interview with Richard Pena on Chinese Indie Cinema

No, Richard Pena did not say that Chinese Indie Films "kick ass" - I said that to him, or at least I wished I had. Anyway, now that I have your attention, I want to let you know about a great new resource for Sino-cinephiles. The new website of my distribution company dGenerate Films has a blog that's been seeing steady stream of content coming through, sort of an ongoing depository of all things going on in the Chinese indie cinema scene (that we know of, at least).  Some highlights so far: - The insider's scoop. Chinese cinema festival programmer Shelly Kraicer (Udine and Vancouver Film Festivals, among others) will be a regular contributor to our site with informed articles giving his take on what's happening in the Chinese indie scene. Here's his first entry, "An Independent Film Scene, Thriving Miles from Main Street", reporting on the 3rd Annual Beijing Independent Film Festival. 

- On the Road with Yours Truly. Lately I've been attending academic events related to Chinese cinema to get the word out about dGenerate and meet others in the academic community who are actively interest in Chinese cinema. Recently I've been to the Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting in Chicago and a special series of Chinese independent documentaries hosted at Harvard University. Read up on both and you'll get a sense of how I've been spending my weekends lately.

- Upcoming screenings!  We're happy to be presenting Chinese indie director Ying Liang on a bicoastal tour of NYC and SF this coming weekend.  Read more about his screenings at Film Society of Lincoln Center, The China Institute in New York (yours truly in attendance), the San Francisco International Film Festival and UC Berkeley.

Then read about another dGenerate screening, this one happening next Wednesday at BAM. Jian Yi's Super,  Girls! will be screening at 7:30 with yours truly in attendance.

- Aforementioned "Kick Ass" Interview with Richard Pena.  The only thing scarier about the breadth of Richard Pena's knowledge of Chinese cinema is the likelihood that his knowledge of other national cinemas around the world is equally extensive. 

That's it for now, but more will definitely be on the way.  I'll try to get in the habit of cross-posting... unless you want to get in the habit of visiting or RSSing dGeneratefilms.com!