At last - the final 50

The end is in sight.  After pushing hard through the holidays, we have now reached the magical 950 mark. With 50 films to go, I am poised to complete this project (assuming I can find access all the remaining titles) by the end of the year, at the rate of one film per week. There's no guarantee that I'll be able to keep that pace through the entire year (despite averaging two a week for the past two months), but it's a reasonable goal for the year. What's heartening is that despite the recent binge of viewing and reviewing for the project, I feel that my ability to describe something vital and essential about each film has held.  Posting my latest entry on Elia Kazan's Wild River prompted me to revisit my entry on Kazan's America, America from over a year ago, to see if there have been any developments in my writing.  The Wild River write-up is longer than my usual entries; lately I've taken a lot of pleasure in packing as much evocative detail into as few words as possible. But one thing I hope is evident by comparing the two reviews is a moving away from auteurist assumptions, reading into films as saying something about their maker, as if I were their shrink.  I'm much more interested these days in getting to concrete descriptions about how a film works and how it feels to watch it.  The third paragraph of the Wild River review is what I want to do more of, trying to get as precise as possible with what's happening. It may very well eventually lead to just writing about moments as opposed to films. We'll see.

I haven't posted a video essay lately, partly because of the increased pace of text entries, but I certainly have not been idle on the multimedia front. This week there will be four video essays posted here, one on a recent film entry and the other three as the video version of a critics roundtable in which I recently participated.  And I'm hoping that the video content will get more interesting and unique as the year goes on.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the films that are remaining on the project (barring another shuffling of the deck by the list master). There may come a point when I ask for assistance in locating some of these titles.  Stay tuned...

TSPDT Rank - Title - Director

511    -    Hart of London, The    -    Chambers, Jack 610    -    Heimat [TV]    -    Reitz, Edgar 646    -    Hitler: A Film from Germany    -    Syberberg, Hans-Jürgen 683    -    Limite    -    Peixoto, Mario 740    -    Lusty Men, The    -    Ray, Nicholas 798    -    Plácido    -    Berlanga, Luis García 829    -    Under the Bridges    -    Kaütner, Helmut 865    -    Getaway, The [1972]    -    Peckinpah, Sam 866    -    Rocker [TV]    -    Lemke, Klaus 897    -    Yesterday Girl    -    Kluge, Alexander 898    -    Starship Troopers    -    Verhoeven, Paul 900    -    Lucifer Rising    -    Anger, Kenneth 903    -    Devil in the Flesh    -    Autant-Lara, Claude 905    -    Shin heike monogatari    -    Mizoguchi, Kenji 907    -    Sur, El    -    Erice, Victor 909    -    Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, The    -    Buñuel, Luis 910    -    My Apprenticeship    -    Donskoi, Mark 915    -    King of the Children    -    Chen Kaige 919    -    Bienvenido Mister Marshall    -    Berlanga, Luis García 920    -    Luna    -    Bertolucci, Bernardo 925    -    Female Trouble    -    Waters, John 926    -    Bad Timing    -    Roeg, Nicolas 928    -    Second Breath    -    Melville, Jean-Pierre 930    -    Song of Ceylon    -    Wright, Basil 931    -    Pillow Book, The    -    Greenaway, Peter 934    -    My Friend Ivan Lapshin    -    Gherman, Alexei 939    -    Sign of Leo, The    -    Rohmer, Eric 944    -    Heaven Can Wait [1943]    -    Lubitsch, Ernst 945    -    Moonrise    -    Borzage, Frank 947    -    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers    -    Donen, Stanley 948    -    Tout va bien    -    Godard, Jean-Luc & Jean-Pierre Gorin 950    -    Passion of Anna, The    -    Bergman, Ingmar 955    -    Maskerade    -    Forst, Willi 957    -    Letter to Three Wives, A    -    Mankiewicz, Joseph L. 958    -    Far Country, The    -    Mann, Anthony 962    -    Lost Horizon    -    Capra, Frank 964    -    Dark Eyes    -    Mikhalkov, Nikita 965    -    Blast of Silence    -    Baron, Allen 966    -    Central Station [1998]    -    Salles, Walter 968    -    California Split    -    Altman, Robert 971    -    One, Two, Three    -    Wilder, Billy 970    -    Ladies' Man, The    -    Lewis, Jerry 974    -    Strangers When We Meet    -    Quine, Richard 975    -    Toute une nuit    -    Akerman, Chantal 978    -    Bells of St. Mary's, The    -    McCarey, Leo 986    -    White Shadows in the South Seas    -    Van Dyke II, W.S. 991    -    People on Sunday    -    Siodmak, Robert & Edgar G. Ulmer 994    -    Time to Love and a Time to Die, A    -    Sirk, Douglas 995    -    Dracula [1958]    -    Fisher, Terence 999    -    My Love Has Been Burning    -    Mizoguchi, Kenji