20:07 contest winner - and one more chance to win

Congratulations to Nicholas R., Michigan's finest, for guessing all but one of the screen grabs correctly! He gets a copy of Criterion's DVD of The Vanishing. Nicholas was unable to guess one of the screengrabs - no one else could guess it either. First five people who can guess the following screengrab correctly will receive an mp3 package of the Village Voice Pazz n Jop Top 40 Songs of 2007.

Send answers to alsolikelife@gmail.com. Here it is:

The rest:

#17: The Vanishing

#16: La Haine

#15: The Official Story

#14: Inferno

#12: My Brilliant Career

#11: Sugar Cane Alley

#10: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

#9: Louisiana Story

#8: Land of Silence and Darkness

#7: The Heiress

#6: And God Created Woman

#5: Evil Dead II

#4: War and Peace

#3: Hail Mary

#2: Quadrophenia

#1: Van Gogh

Bonus images (for tiebreaker purposes): These aren't from the 20:07 mark, but nonetheless they are from some of my favorite films seen as part of the SDP project: a) The Reckless Moment

b) La Ronde

c) Ceddo

d) Still

e) Pixote