New films I've seen in the past month (not counting NYFF)

comments welcome, as a way of helping me elaborate on these one word verdicts...  Zodiac (2007, David Fincher) IMDb yes (I'm going to try to offer some substantive observations in an upcoming video essay)

Blades of Glory (2007, Josh Gordon and Will Speck) IMDb yes (strong first half, then it kind of coasts to the end)

Fong juk / Exiled (2006, Johnnie To) IMDb yes (cinematographically impeccable, though the overt references to Leone / Peckinpah / Woo got in the way for me)

Transformers (2007, Michael Bay) IMDb mixed (I want to reflect on this odd film further in a separate post, and posit a hopefully not-too-absurd premise that this film shares certain affinities with the Todd Haynes Bob Dylan movie.)