Tickets to TIFF - what I'll be watching in only 3 days' time

Cindi and I will be there from Saturday through Monday. Here's what we definitely have tickets for. Admittedly a lot of this will be playing at NYFF but not a whole lot else really intrigued me: Saturday: Mourning Forest (Naomi Kawase) Man from London (Bela Tarr) Useless (Jia Zhangke)

we're also going to try to get into the Wavelengths program with new films by Ken Jacobs, John Gianvito and the final Straub-Huillet.

Sunday: Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong) My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin)

Monday is currently open. I was considering doing my 12-mile marathon training run this morning, but in all likelihood I'll end up trying to catch 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days or hanging out with people I wouldn't have the chance to see otherwise.

anyway if you'll be around shoot me a line if you'd like to meet up -