San Francisco International Film Festival - Day Four

May 1 2007 I actually did very little that was festival related on this, my last day in SF.  In the morning I hung around home and caught up on my blogging, and savored a few moments in the house I grew up in.  Also lamented the floorboard condensation problem that my mom still hasn't gotten around to fixing in nearly two years:

Then the family indulged in our time-honored tradition of Asian all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at Beijing Buffet on South Airport Street in South City.  Places like these are where the movies I'd want to make are set in -- a place unlike any other, specific to my own experience, and when I go there I feel like I'm in my own movie...

All the suspect sushi you can ask for:

Another satisfied diner:

Then my mom and I spent our remaining moments browsing the oversized aisles at Costco before saying goodbye.

Got back to the festival at 5, in time for yet another buffet, of the dignified variety -- a reception for documentary filmmaker Heddy Honigman.  This time I had the pleasure of having my brother serve me wine, as he was volunteering at the reception.  Said hi to Chi-hui of SFIAAFF and  Anderson Le from the Hawaii Film Festival. Then Cindi and I took Jonathan and Hannah from Greencine to dinner while watching Game 5 of Warriors- Mavs, before the two of us had to catch our redeye back to NYC.

All in all it was a fun trip -- the SF film scene is much more laid back than NYC and people seem easier to approach and just chat with.  Makes me wonder if making movies - modest indie ones at least - would be easier back home as well...  It just seems that when I'm back home the stories come back to mind...