Colma: The Musical (2006, Richard Wong)

screened Tuesday April 24 2007 at BAM in Brooklyn NY IMDb

I'm both impressed and a bit envious that director/cinematographer Wong and screenwriter/actor H.P. Mendoza have created a film about my own childhood neighborhood (well technically I'm from South SF, the next city over - but it's just as hilly and foggy as this photo) that treats its setting with both wit and invention.  Three twentysomething friends endure the travails of adult suburban life with spontaneous dance numbers with snarky lyrics.  One IMDb user comment nails it: "If Ghost World were a musical, and They Might Be Giants helped out, you'd have Colma."  Despite being shot on roughhewn DV (the Beta SP print projected at my screening had an inordinate amount of bleeding color) there's some dazzling camerawork on display, the tour de force being an eight minute split screen single take choreographed within a house party.  A joyous, inspiring work. yes