My Girlfriend is the Future of New Yorker Video

For years New Yorker DVD has been held in disrepute by discerning cinephiles who are used to the Criterion Collection standards of video transfer quality and extras. My girlfriend has been on a mission to change all that. Her latest and greatest endeavor was on Hong Sang-soo's Woman Is the Future of Man. She worked her butt off to get an NTSC source video directly from South Korea instead of risking a PAL-to-NTSC transfer from the European print she had readily available. While the results aren't totally immaculate, according to DVD Beaver's erudite Gary Tooze, it's the best possible transfer anyone could have managed, and the supplements make it a worthwhile purchase: "The DVD is stacked with supplements... There are 30 minutes worth of optionally subtitled interviews (3) with the principles, an almost 40 minute long 'Making of..." featurette (also optionally subtitled), a photo gallery and both Korean and French theatrical trailers. There is also a 6-page liner notes leaflet with short essays by Michael Atkinson and Kyung Hyun Kim. All relevant additions and fully supporting further appreciation of the film... As for this New Yorker edition - I am quite proud of them - they have come a long way in the past few years and this has shown some real growth expecially in the area of extra features."

But the piece de resistance is the special on-camera introduction by none other than:


Cindi worked for weeks on end calling Scorsese's office to arrange this interview, in the thick of Oscar season no less. Thanks to Marty and his office for squeezing in this 2 1/2 min piece in the midst of campaigning for The Departed -- nice to see him giving a little something back to Asian Cinema!

I'm very proud of Cindi for all the work she put into this -- and she is getting the recognition she deserves. Let's see if this enthusiastic write-up by Glenn Kenny of Premiere is just the tip of the iceberg...