A couple of belated acknowledgements of films screened at New Directors/New Films

this new job is kicking my butt. i'm enjoying it and learning a lot (i might possibly apply some of my newfound online multimedia savvy to my film dissections) but it's leaving me tired in my spare time. we'll see how it goes once i move past the on-boarding stage. in the meantime, i'll finally offer some minimal notes from the two films I saw at this year's New Directors / New Films (down from six seen last year). I'd much rather hear from anyone else who's happened to have seen these... Reprise (2006, Joachim Trier)

screened Sunday April 1 2007 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York NY IMDb

precocious first feature about the divergent fates of two aspiring young writers. Starts off flashy and mega-meta-narrative-ish but settles into some genuine moments dealing with twentysomething insecurities in relationships and self-hood. I can't believe that these were all non-professionals cast -- they're all great.


The Other Half (2006, Ying Liang)

screened Sunday April 1 2007 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York NY (not listed on IMDb)

Second feature from the director of the acclaimed Taking Father Home (which I haven't yet seen) - cleverly uses the narrative frame of a young woman working as a legal stenographer to catalog various testimonies of people wanting to take legal action for their grievances. Interesting to a point, but kinda goes nowhere. mixed