Quei loro incontri / These Encounters of Theirs (2006, Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub)

screened Monday February 26 2007 at the Walter Reade Theater, New York NY IMDb excerpts from my notebook

I. "Pandora"

theme: perception, knowledge

II. Iacchus = Bacchus?

"To teach them the blessed life to give their dying blood meaning" Does a great film have to be self-evidently great?

resentful of this kind of film So much to do

What I need to do tonight

Must get Bamako stills to Keith

Pat Graham's TSPDT blog entry - respond?

Sikh Coalition video - talk to Amar III. Death

What's with the camera movements all of a sudden? Did someone wake the DP?


word as God

"Fascinatingly boring" - Dave Kehr on Duras' India Song

***"All we know is to look,

to look and to know" ***

Natural immersion of figures in a landscape - word and human presence against nature or in harmony with it?


the most boring gods ever committed to film

The cinema of Straub-Huillet is a cinema that is subservient to other arts...

yet resolutely and reverently in service of its material

no one else seems to question more the act of making a cinematic adaptation of an existing work of art.

You can never feel like you fully appreciate their films without being familiar with the source material

The result is a cinema that is as unique as it is incomplete

is that really acceptable to me?

GREAT FINAL SHOT: power lines that divide heaven and earth.

Huillet went out as well as Altman did.