Goodbye, Brooklyn, Goodbye

Sunday marked the end of nearly two years living in Brooklyn. Though I was grateful to be out of the tiny, unkempt living space I was in (finally, no more climbing into my loft bed), I will miss the lively, hip location.  (At least now I get an apartment room with sunlight and great Latin food...)This was the view from my apartment:

Ironically, I only saw three films in this theater throughout the 18 months that I lived across the street from it.  (For the record, they were Miami Vice, Jackass 2 and Talladega Nights -- all excellent).  I found Cobble St. Cinemas and BAM to offer more local charm as well as better viewing fare.

Perhaps even more ironically, I am now living with a film critic in an apartment loaded with screeners -- and I barely have time to watch any of them!  Times certainly have changed...