Still retaining Senses - my 'top ten' of '06 and NYFF recap

Senses of Cinema may still not pay anyone for their contributions, but I still owe them gratitude for being the first major film journal to publish my writings. Especially Michelle Carey, who runs the Great Directors database and festival reports. Here is my annual contribution to their World Poll of contributors. After many years of doing this sort of thing, I've grown bored with the top ten listmaking exercise. This year I found it more interesting to talk about trends in digital technology and YouTube, markers of a sweeping revolution in audiovisual culture, including cinema (I mean, look at this blog for crying out loud!) that is taking place now. Judging from the other lists, cinephiles seem either uncognizant or uninterested in figuring out what all this means.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox about the myopia of film and festival-based cinephilia and climb atop another one about cinephilic elitism, as observed in last year's New York Film Festival.

Elsewhere, a great essay to add to the mounting case for the forward-looking greatness that is Michael Mann's film of Miami Vice