Help me fight spam and loneliness

In the past week I've had over 100 incoming comments come into my moderation queue -- and all of them are bogus spam messages linking to pages selling Cialis, Viagra, Oxycotin, heroin...  It wouldn't be so frustrating if I actually had some real messages from real people once in a while.The last message I've received was a week ago from my friend Jesse, who earlier had told me a couple times he couldn't leave a comment on the blog.  I'm wondering if others have had the same frustration?

So I just want to do a check with anyone who happens to be reading this -- could you try leaving a comment on this blog entry?  If you want to let me know what you think of the blog so far, what you like about it, what could be improved, that would be great. You can talk about anything, except Cialis.  In fact I'm wondering if I should block this post for mentioning Cialis.

If you experience difficulties while leaving a comment, please feel free to write me at and let me know what happened.

Thanks Girish and Jesse for being among the few who've given me feedback here on the blog, and several others who have written me emails to the same effect. Your comments are encouraging and most welcome!