Colossal Youth (2006, Pedro Costa)

screened Sunday February 18, 2006 at the Walter Reade Theater, New York NY IMDb My review can be found on The House Next Door.

I will say that this film has stayed with me since I've seen it.   And I can't help wanting to compare it favorably to Inland Empire (which may be why I referenced it in the title of my review, but I didn't want the review to be an Armond White-ish good-movie-vs.-bad-movie piece).  There are many points of comparison between the two films -- use of DV, fragmented, dream-like narrative, a creeping sense of drift and despair overtaking the characters... but Costa's film wins out in terms of establishing this mood within a real-life condition involving real-life characters. The mix of documentary realism with the surrealist elements results in a rich cross-pollination where the Lynch film feels merely cross-bred, an endless series of references to his own staid pool of ideas.

Maybe I should have made my review into this axe-grinding, because it sure feels more purposeful than what I offered to HND.  And a good review can't just cover the bases (as I found myself slipping into as I wrote it), it really has to put a stake in the ground. Next time...