Beyond Inland: Searching for great films shot on video

One of the reasons I posted my conversation with Antonius Block on Inland Empire was to hone in on one of my misgivings about the film:

I like your descriptions of the video imaging a lot. At the same time I can’t help but be a little resentful that your account supports my general suspicions that both this video feature and video as a respectable medium are suddenly getting all this acceptance because of the name above the title. If it was anyone else (and there have been many artists using this medium for years, doing work even more off the deep-end than this, and no one’s lining up to watch them several times over to parse out the meaning of their works…)

Antonius, gracious as always, wrote back that he'd appreciate any recommendations of great films shot on video. And sheepishly, I can't think of many!

I still stand by my argument that there is video work as fascinating and challenging as Inland Empire but doesn't benefit from the name brand to make it fashionable viewing.

But maybe I need to have my memory jarred. So if anyone can recommend great narrative films shot on video or HD format, and especially those that make good use of the rough and tumble aesthetic prescribed by Lynch, please mention them here.