A nos amours (1983, Maurice Pialat)

screened Monday February 19 2007 on Criterion DVD in Brooklyn NY IMDb

Maurice Pialat, you are a virus that infects your cast and crew, your films, your viewers.

Well, anything goes all of the time Everything you dream of Is right in front of you And everything is a lie

Look me in the eye And tell me that I'm satisfed Look me in the eye Unsatisfied I'm so, I'm so unsatisfied I'm so dissatisfied I'm so, I'm so unsatisfied I'm so unsatisfied Well, I'm-a I'm so, I'm so unsatisfied I'm so dissatis,dissattis... I'm so

The Replacements

Random thoughts:

- I think the extras DVD on this film is possibly the best Pialat primer in existence and one of the valuable set of extras to be found in any Criterion package. A feature doc on the film and its reputation, a moving interview with Sandrine Bonnaire, two admiring interviews on Pialat with Catherine Breillat and Jean-Paul Gorin, and best of all, audition footage that gives you a taste of what a volcano of salt and vinegar Pialat must have been like on the set.

- The film itself - not quite as great as Van Gogh in my opinion, perhaps because I didn't watch it as closely... but something about the domestic scenes struck me as a bit off, or not as layered as his best work.

- The much feted dinner scene -- more interesting to read or hear about than to watch -- it felt like the climax of dinner mystery theatre to me. Sorry, but I have to call it as I see it. - But that dimple scene -- Priceless. Quintessential Pialat -- fast on its feet, brilliance here and gone in a flash. And much more nuanced and alive than Robert DeNiro's disgusting riff in Cape Fear.

- Bonnaire's acting debut - YES. Pialat lucked out big time.

- Pialat's acting debut - YES. Pialat lucked out big time.

- this won the Cesar for Best Picture the same year that Terms of Endearment won the Oscar. Talk about a study in cultural contrasts...

- Rock on, Nick Pinkerton - go ahead and touch that live wire! - And please people, no more comparisons to Cassavetes - the man deserves his own space to be understood, DAMMIT!

yes (#6 for 1983 between TRADING PLACES :shrug: and PAULINE AT THE BEACH)